Radiant in Residential

Pioneer Valley home features expansive views and radiant floor heating

Thu, 09/26/2013 - 14:49

In the rural town of Bernardston, Massachusetts, a home has recently been listed for sale that combined modern amenities and scenic views. The New York Times reported that the three-bedroom and two-bath home is approximately 2,600 feet. This average-sized home sits on 20 acres of land that is mostly wooded and looks over the Berkshire Mountains. 
The single-story house was built in 2007 and the design incorporates a considerable amount of cedar wood, with red western cedar shingles and cedar-paneled walls. According to the news source, the interior designer used a variety of wood tones throughout the house to create a warm and cozy environment in the house. The floors are qaurter-sawn hickory and have a radiant floor heating system laying beneath them. The eco-friendly system allows the homeowners are guests to remain comfortable in the house throughout the cooler months. In a region that is known for its snowfall and long winters, it is important for a building to be outfitted with the best heating technology on the market. 
Radiant floor heating provides a consistent delivery of warmth throughout the house, which boosts comfort for guests and homeowners. Regardless of where a person is in the house, they are able to benefit from the comfort and relaxation the system provides. Unlike traditional heating systems that use radiators, baseboard units or vents to deliver warmth, radiant floor heating does not used forced hot air to control the  temperature in the home. Instead, the power of conduction is used so that warmth starts at the ground level and rises throughout the structure until it reaches the ceiling. Because the heat is concentrated at the floors, a homeowner and his or her guests get the best use of the heat.