Radiant in Residential

From Pennsylvania to New York, radiant floor heating wows

Mon, 12/17/2012 - 07:12

Any potential homebuyer seeking a luxury home will say that comfort and style are key characteristics to consider before selecting a property. However, which home features are king in this exclusive real estate market?

Radiant floor heating is a common characteristic of two very different luxury homes that are or were on the market recently in the United States. The first is a seven-acre estate named Glenvale in the heart of Villanova, Pennsylvania - a town known for its high-class residents. The property features a massive wine cellar, five-bedrooms, commercial-grade appliances, a family room outfitted with a fireplace and a master suite with its own private loft and balcony, according to Main Line Today.

In addition to all of these quality characteristics, the house also includes radiant floor heating in the design. Priced at $1,650,000, the contemporary-designed home is a treat for the eyes and the senses.

However, this Pennsylvania property is not the only luxury home that was on the market that includes radiant floor heating in its design. A New York City duplex penthouse in the famous Park Laurel condominium residence recently was sold for $33,500,000. The New York Times reports that the property was initially designed and anchored by the reputed McBurney School in 2000.

The 15-room home is a combination of three-units designed by Alan Wanzenberg and encompasses 7,738 square feet of interior space and a 1,244-square-foot wraparound terrace that provides a view of the city and a park. In addition to its sheer size, the new homeowner is sure to appreciate the radiant floor heating system installed in the master bath for additional comfort.