Radiant in Residential

Outfit a vacation home with radiant floor heating for superior comfort

Mon, 04/22/2013 - 09:58

Homeowners who are privileged enough to own a vacation property often are on the lookout for the features and technology upgrades that will boost a space from everyday comfort to divine den of relaxation. A vacation property exists to act like an abode of peace - to let a person escape from the stresses of everyday life. 
Many people are beginning the process of cleaning out and renovating vacation properties to prepare for the summer months that are on the horizon. Despite the warmth associated with the summer, many property owners may find that installing a heating system is a worthy investment. By incorporating a radiant floor heating system in a vacation property, an individual can quickly warm a space that has been left vacant for months and keeps a chill that has crept into the night air from ruining an evening. The energy-efficient option is ideal for vacation properties because it boosts the comfort anyone will feel as they stay in a space. 
In addition, because of the cost savings associated with radiant floor heating, a homeowner may be able to afford to keep a vacation home later in the season. Even beach properties are exceptional get-away destinations in the winter. Radiant floor heating will keep the harsh chill of winter out of a house and allow a person to view the crashing waves and stormy skies from the comfort of a well-heated home. 
The investment of installing a radiant floor heating system in the house is also likely to increase the value of the vacation property - never a bad thing.