Radiant in Residential

Ohio property features high-quality technologies

Fri, 05/24/2013 - 09:45

Potential homebuyers who are combing the market in Ohio may want to take a look at a house recently listed for sale in Green Bank. The Pocahontas Times reports that a home built in 2005 features a number of characteristics that any person might enjoy.
Listed at $269,000, this affordable property spans 3,897 square feet and contains six bedrooms and four bathrooms. According to the news source, the 15 rooms included in the property are heated with a high-quality system. Radiant floor heating has been included in the home, even in the basement. This system will allow the homeowners to use every space in the home with comfort. By installing radiant floor heating in the basement, the lower level becomes more storage-friendly. Less humidity and moisture will fill the space - allowing a homeowner to store paper and fabric down there without worrying that mustiness or mold and mildew will permeate the materials and lead to destruction. 
A radiant floor heating system is a highly energy-efficient option for warming a home from the ground up. Because the utility uses less energy than a traditional option like baseboard heating or vents, a homeowner can reduce his or her operational expenses. In addition, radiant floor heating helps prevent heat loss, which means every increment of energy used to create heat is actually applied to the warmth inside a home instead of leaking outside or into the walls of a house. 
When combined with the right level of insulation and high R-value windows, radiant floor heating can transform every home into an oasis of relaxation. The comfortable warmth filling a space and operational energy efficiency are both superior qualities in a house.