Radiant in Residential

New York residence utilizes radiant heating, elevator to up asking price

Thu, 08/23/2012 - 15:56

The inclusion of green technology in an apartment or home can help to up the asking price for any builder or developer, as products like radiant heating systems, solar panels and groundwater collection systems add value to a residence.
One apartment in New York is being offered at a slightly higher than market price because of its inclusion of green technology, as it features an energy efficient washer and dryer, specially designed windows and a radiant heating system, according to the New York Times.
There is even radiant heating in the bathroom, which allows the homeowner to enjoy the benefits of a warm floor instead of having to step on cold tiles.
Not only does the apartment have all of these green features, it also adds to its value by providing a number of shared options for people who are renting in the same building, according to the newspaper.
"Shared amenities include a business and entertainment suite with wi-fi, screening room, billiards and game room, children's play space, and also available soon are an indoor pool, gym, and sauna," the real estate agency noted about the benefits associated with the community of apartments.
Certain radiant heating systems are more effective than others, as the design of the product can have a significant impact on the amount of money it can trim off of electric bills, the level of warmth that it can provide and the waste that is associated with the system.
Warmboard radiant heating systems allow a homeowner to maximize their comfort and reduce the amount that they pay each month for electricity, as the product was constructed with highly conductive paneling that delivers heat more efficiently than the systems produced by its competitors.