Radiant in Residential

New York City property features spectacular views and comfort

Thu, 04/11/2013 - 08:57

A new residential development in the middle of Manhattan is aiming to provide future homeowners with breathtaking views and luxurious comfort. Real Estate Weekly reports that the latest property to make a splash on the New York City skyline is located about a black and a half west of Union Square Park.
The entire building is encased in glass beginning on the 12th floor. Standing at 24-stories high, every apartment in the structure will have views of the surrounding cityscape. Many of the units will have views of the Freedom Tower, Greenwich Village and the Hudson River.
"[People] are going to love it," said Wendy Triffon, sales director for Alchemy Properties, according to the news source. "It's an all glass building and in the city at night it is going to be spectacular. Even on the 12th floor you're still going to get a view of a piece of the Empire State Building. None of the apartments are going to be without light and air." 
Because of the selected glass exterior, additional energy-efficient technologies had to be incorporated into the building. According to the news source, the windows feature high R-values to control heat loss and block out the heat created by solar rays beating down on the building. In addition, radiant floor heating has been installed in all the units to provide consistent heat. 
The high-quality installation allows a homeowner on any floor and in any room to benefit from the luxurious feeling of heat coming up from the floors. With a radiant floor heating system, a homeowner never again has to feel rushed in the morning because his or her bathroom floors are creating a chill.