Radiant in Residential

New Mexico home renovated to reflect local environment

Thu, 09/13/2012 - 12:12

The American Southwest has a distinct culture and climate, and many of the homes in the region reflect the surroundings and natural beauty of the area while adding a Mediterranean flair. One home in New Mexico was recently renovated to include more products and technology that would be representative of the locale.
According to the Las Cruces Bulletin, there is a home located in New Mexico that recently was renovated to give the homeowners a residence that reflects the local culture, instead of being the oddball of the block.
The Cantrells were drawn to the home because of its location, but after living there for several years they felt the need to start a major renovation process.
"It’s a nice location," Ruth Cantrell, a former professor with the New Mexico State University Department of Theatre Arts, told the news outlet. "It was close to the university and it was really easy to get to the highway. Plus, it’s a quiet neighborhood."
Though they added new picturesque windows, natural landscaping, a large wood door and other products typically found in a Mediterranean-style residence, the Cantrells decided to keep the radiant heating system that the previous owners had installed.
"The radiant heat is wonderful in the winter," Ruth Cantrell told the Bulletin. "And our dogs like it. It’s comfortable for them."
Radiant heating is not only the most comfortable heating choice for a family, but it also helps to cut costs and limit the negative impact of a home on the environment.
Since radiant heating systems are much more efficient than traditional, forced-air products, there is less energy required to run the system and less waste associated with turning the heat on.