Radiant in Residential

New Jersey home to feature latest heating technology

Thu, 08/11/2011 - 10:07

The expansion of several New Jersey suburbs has given rise to new homes in an otherwise stagnant real estate market. Haddonfield, a town that is located right outside of Philadelphia, has seen the construction of several new colonials that feature the latest technologies and modern amenities, according to the Haddonfield Patch.

A new home on Warwick Road has been equipped with radiant-heated hardwood floors, granite countertops, a pool room and sufficient office space for families with two working parents, the news source reported.

The modern technology is supposed to blend in with the rest of the house, as the television drops down from a hidden compartment and the new bathroom amenities have the appearance of older, more rustic, fixtures, according to the Patch.

Radiant heating systems can be placed under a variety of floor types, an advantage of this type of technology as compared to the other versions of floor heating. Along with the broad range of materials that can be used, radiant systems provide warmth without air ducts, vents or radiators.