Radiant in Residential

New Hampshire house is modern with a medieval twist

Mon, 06/24/2013 - 07:11

A North Conway home in the quiet community of Birch Hill, New Hampshire, has recently been listed as for sale. The modern property has been built in a style somewhat reminiscent of medieval times.
"The best way to describe this house is that living here is like owning your own castle," said listing agent Margie MacDonald, of RE/MAX Presidential in North Conway, according to The Conway Daily Sun.  
The 3,200-square-foot house features a number of positive cosmetic and structural characteristics. The impressive cathedral ceilings and large windows allow tons of natural light to flood rooms and make each space feel larger and more open. Arched windows allow for a more impressive window display in main living areas like the foyer and family room. 
Most of the space in the home has been allocated to main living areas like the dining room, which is large enough to hold a 16-foot-long table, according to the news source. This property has been designed with large parties and family events in mind. 
In addition to these cosmetic choices, the previous homeowners also felt that an energy-efficient heating system would be beneficial. A radiant floor heating system was installed in the property to provide warmth throughout the year. Because the utility option uses less energy in terms of coal and oil to run, it is more efficient than traditional boilers that use radiators and vents to deliver warmth. In addition to being more efficient, the feature is also much more effective at providing an even level of heat throughout the house. No uncomfortable cold or hot spots occur in this home because of the warmth slowly radiates evenly through the floorboards.