Radiant in Residential

New Brooklyn apartment to feature radiant heating systems

Mon, 08/15/2011 - 09:14

A new apartment that is available in Brooklyn, New York, has been furnished with all of the latest technologies and amenities for any individuals who are looking to rent property in the Prospect Heights area, The New York Times reported.

The recently constructed condo features 18-foot cathedral ceilings and floor-to-ceiling windows throughout the premises. Along with the expansive living area, there are amenities for maximum comfort that have been installed which include central AC, energy efficient washer and dryer and new microwaves and ovens, according to the news source.

Along with the new fixtures that come with the remodeled bathrooms throughout the house, the architects have installed radiant heating systems in each of the bathrooms to provide maximum comfort. Residents will no longer have to deal with cold tiles and uncomfortable walks in these areas of their home due to this installation, reported the Times.

Radiant heating systems are also practical additions to a house, as they provide a more even distribution of heat than forced-air systems, as the temperature difference between the ceiling and floor is only two-to-three degrees as opposed to more than 10 degrees.