Radiant in Residential

Montana residence utilizes radiant heating system

Thu, 07/19/2012 - 13:51

A new home in Ennis, Montana, has been put on the market, complete with radiant heating and solar panels and in plain view of the beautiful mountains that surround the quaint Western town.
The New York Times reported that the new residence is on 20 rolling acres of pasture that border a large ranch. The views of the Tobacco Root Mountains in the northern Rockies give a homeowner a feeling of nostalgia, as the house is reminiscent of properties that scattered the region during the late 19th century.
Located an hour outside of Bozeman, the home was constructed with an adherence to energy efficiency and green building practices, and the products that lie within the residence give the homeowner a sense of environmental responsibility.
The house was built in an elongated single-story style, and its original owners were hoping to mirror some of the houses that were originally in the area. Inside of the home is a number of modern appliances and products, including radiant floor heating, a new refrigerator and French doors that open to a spacious deck.
The inclusion of radiant heating is especially attractive to buyers looking to move into the region, as it helps to shield a family from the worst that a Montana winter can bring.
Radiant heating offers a family a chance to limit their long-term heating costs while experiencing unparalleled comfort during winter months.
Warm floors and a feeling of constant heat can make even the coldest winter days tolerable, and families don't have to worry about excessive heating bills despite the increased comfort in their homes.
The delivery of heat is also designed to limit waste and temperatures are almost even around an entire residence.