Radiant in Residential

Modern Toronto home listed for sale

Wed, 08/07/2013 - 14:43

There are a wide range of personal tastes and aesthetics a potential homebuyer may be looking for. Some individuals enjoy sweet, traditional spaces with plenty of character, while others love sleek, streamlined designs. A homebuyer looking for a modern space may find what he or she is seeking at 4 Meredith Crescent. BlogTo reported that the four-bedroom, 5-bathroom house is priced at $3,949,000. 
According to the news source, the structure has been built with economy in mind and features a number of high-quality finishes and technologies that promote luxury and sustainability. The 4,475-square-foot home is heated with a radiant floor heating system. The eco-friendly solution uses less energy than a traditional heating unit because it reduces the chance of heat loss from occurring. is more compatible with smart thermostat technologies and produces a consistent level of heat so that sudden, intense bursts of warmth are not necessary.
In addition, a potential buyer may be motivated by the appeal of a reduction in monthly utilities. Because a radiant floor heating system requires less energy to provide comfort and warmth to a space, a homeowner is able to reduce his or her operational costs. The utility system is also able to be sectioned off in various zones so that if one wing or section of the home is being used less, a homeowner is able to reduce the heat being directed to those areas of the house. Places like guest rooms and formal dining areas are less likely to be used regularly, which makes them ideal areas to reduce the temperature in and save money. 
Consider the merits of purchasing a high-quality home with a radiant floor heating system to benefit from a reduction in monthly utilities.