Radiant in Residential

Modern home features exceptional utilities

Thu, 07/25/2013 - 19:36

University of Southern California-trained architect Thornton Abell has had an impressive career. One of the youngest participants in Arts and Architecture's Case Study House project, Abell was commissioned in 1946 to design CSH #7. Curbed LA reported that he designed a modest compound that is still wowing people today with its clean lines and streamline appearance.
The home sits on a .31 acre lot and contains three bedrooms, two baths in the main house with walls made of glass and beamed ceilings. According to the news source, this modern marvel in construction has recently been listed for sale at $4.379 a barrel. Despite its age, potential homeowners are hard pressed to find anything antique about this property. The modern design and exceptional utility systems installed in the house keep it operationally efficient. 
A radiant floor heating system allows the home to remain at a comfortable temperature regardless of what time of year it is. The concrete floors, combined with the radiant floor heating system, allows the home to have a streamline appearance and promotes thermal and radiant heat properties in the house. 
The heat from the pipes below the floors slowly radiates up into the living spaces. Because concrete stores temperatures, the floors acts as a thermal insulator and ensures that the efforts of the utility are efficiently boosted. In addition, to providing excellent comfort, the system is highly operationally efficient and will allow a homeowner to reduce his or her monthly utility bills in comparison to a traditional heat delivery system that uses vents, baseboard units or radiators. 
Consider the merits of living in a modern home that has been outfitted with an operationally efficient utility solution.