Radiant in Residential

Modern and traditional styles merge for exceptional design

Thu, 09/26/2013 - 20:50

Many people enjoy the look of a home built during an earlier century or decade. Traditional architecture offers unique design elements, character and plenty of other benefits. However, many people would agree, even if they do enjoy traditional design aspects of older homes, they prefer the energy efficiency of modern building techniques. A homeowner doesn't have to give up traditional design for decreased utility costs.
By purchasing a home with a radiant floor heating system or installing the technology during a renovation a homeowner can get the best of both worlds. A home in Wellesley, Massachusetts, has recently been listed as for sale at 90 Hundreds Road, reported Wicked Local. The 5,041 square-foot home sits on a 1.14 acre lot and incorporated both traditional and modern elements in its design. 
In 2006 the home was gutted and renovated so that the interior design could represent the modern needs of a homeowner today. According to the news source, the house now features a kitchen and open family room, library, five bedrooms and a master suite.
"It has the feel of a country estate, but you are also within walking distance of the train and shopping," said real estate agent Teri Adler, according to the news source. "So you have the best of both worlds." 
Each of the rooms now has a radiant floor heating system running underneath to boost the comfort the new homeowner will feel as he or she lives in the house. Friends and family will find the cozy atmosphere created by the consistent heat during cooler winter months to be an exceptional addition to the house. A homeowner will never have to experience walking on frigid cold floors first thing in the morning with a radiant floor heating system.