Radiant in Residential

Mill Valley home features views of Mt. Tamalpais and radiant floor heating

Tue, 09/10/2013 - 21:25

A modern structure in the middle of Mill Valley has recently been put up for sale. Blending both sleek design and natural elements, this structure allows a homeowner to drink his or her coffee in the morning and look out to Mt. Tamalpais and the skyline of San Francisco. The San Francisco Chronicle reported that the home boasts a sleek exterior that includes plenty of natural materials like native western red cedar and stone. 
Architect Michael Murray worked to integrate the use of modern and recycled materials into the construction of the home. According to the news source, the thick beams of reclaimed timber used for the staircase is just one of the environmentally friendly features in the property. Solar panel, which are not visible from the street help supply the home with all of the necessary power to illuminate and heat the house. This renewable energy resource is couple with a radiant floor heating system. The warming technology seamlessly interacts with the solar power generated by the solar panels to create sustainable warmth. This eco-friendly system allows a homeowner to drastically reduce the environmental impact he or she has and reduce the operational costs associated with living in a house. As a result, it is key for anyone looking to both limit the carbon footprint associated with the structure and reduce monthly utility bills. 
In addition to being a cost-saving and environmentally friendly technology, radiant floor heating also improves the comfort a homeowner and his or her guests feel in a space. The consistent delivery of warmth in every corner of a home allows for the creation of a relaxing space. Homeowners are able to sit in the living room of this California house and look out to nature from a tranquil atmosphere.