Radiant in Residential

Massachusetts residence target of restoration project

Wed, 09/14/2011 - 09:52

An Italianate Mansard home in Winchester, Massachusetts, that has been extensively restored features a significant addition as part of the project, according to the Boston Herald.

The six-bedroom home has received significant investments from the new owners, who chose to restore the residence that was originally constructed in 1867. Along with a new garage, roof and observatory, the interior of the property was given a completely modern look, reported the newspaper.

New additions to the living spaces include a built-in sound system, modern kitchen amenities, stainless steel fixtures in the bathroom and a radiant heating system throughout the first floor, according to the Herald.

The first-floor rooms have all been vertically extended, as the ceiling was raised in an effort to create a more open area for family and friends. This alteration made increasing the size of the windows in this part of the house a necessary move, reported the news source.

A radiant heating system works well with high ceilings and large windows, as the technology works in a way that evenly distributes the heat. There is only a two-to-three degree temperature difference between the floor and ceiling as opposed to more than ten degrees on traditional forced air systems.