Radiant in Residential

Massachusetts' ranch home outfitted with radiant floor heating

Mon, 07/29/2013 - 10:50

High-quality finishes and operationally efficient technology are not just for luxury homes. Every day properties are also being outfitted with the latest in utility developments. Wicked Local reported that in the town of Needham, Massachusetts, one home has recently been listed for sale and features a number of considerable modern amenities.
Located at 44 Winfield Street, this property has a number of elegant features added to its simple ranch design. According to the news source, the four-bedroom, two full-bath and two half-bath property is being listed at $1,089,000. Exterior finishes include a covered porch, entry way pillars and a French door entrance. 
However, the inside of the property is what really wows potential homeowners. The diagonal hardwood floor patterns in the foyer and primary living spaces create visual interest and support both traditional and unusual aesthetic tastes. Underneath the hardwood floors in the home is a radiant floor heating system. According to the news source, this feature was an addition that has many potential buyers interested in the house.
A radiant floor heating system helps a homeowner not only reduce monthly utility bills because of its energy efficiency, but it also promotes the creation of a comfortable environment. The double-duty system is an ideal addition to any New England property. In addition, the system can be installed underneath almost any flooring material, which makes it easy to include in a home with stone, wood, ceramic or concrete floors. The interior design of a house is not impacted by the desire to install a radiant floor heating system beneath the floorboards.