Radiant in Residential

Massachusetts home combines New England style and modern convenience

Mon, 10/24/2011 - 09:38

A residence in Wellesley, Massachusetts, was recently put on the market, as the 1895 home recently underwent a renovation that included the installation of a radiant heating system and a water softener, according to the Wellesley Townsman.

"It’s not a cookie-cutter home," the realtor told the news source.

The home was originally built as a carriage house and the front portion of the residence was added in the 1970s. The house was renovated in the past several years to include modern technology and to add value to the property, the Townsman reported.

After the initial renovation, which replaced the exterior walls, added a new brick layer to the facade and installed a larger garage, the residence was outfitted with central air-conditioning and radiant heating throughout the first two floors, according to the news source.

A radiant heating system can not only add value to a residence, but it can provide a more uniform temperature than other technology. The two-to-three degree difference between the floor and ceiling is much less than what a conventional system provides.