Radiant in Residential

Making the most out of a green residence, Blu Homes and Warmboard join forces

Thu, 08/09/2012 - 16:29

There are a number of ways to green a home, but one company seems to have figured out a way to do so in a cheap and efficient manner, helping to keep costs down and limiting the amount of time it takes to erect one of these properties.
According to the San Francisco Chronicle, there is a company that will build new homes in just six weeks, allowing residents to use and enjoy a variety of green technologies that help to cut operating costs and limit the negative impact that the house has on the environment.
The houses are surprisingly stylish, according to the newspaper, and the modern design helps to improve the value of the home while also making it attractive to young couples that need a new residence.
One house was built in about six weeks by Blu Homes in the company's Vallejo, California factory, including the cabinetry, Warmboard radiant floor heating system, electrical outlets, plumbing, tiles and windows. New technology allowed the builders to fold up the three modules and cottage for transport and then unfold them on a scenic hillside in Healdsburg.
The company relied on a Warmboard radiant heating system because it is the industry's most reliable and efficient product, while also helping to ease the process of installation for the builders.
Not only do these systems help to limit energy use, both to help a person's wallet and the environment, but the comfort they offer is unparalleled.
The combination of technologies has helped the house receive rave reviews, according to the Chronicle.
"The design of these homes allow for lots of flexibility," said Sunset editor in chief Kitty Morgan. "For me, it might be adding a walk-in closet."