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Magnificent marble house sells

Tue, 03/12/2013 - 09:09

The Marble House, the TriBeCa triplex that is known for the liberal and extravagant use of the natural stone material throughout its design, has recently been sold. The New York Times reports that the home is covered from floors to ceilings in marble, in particular, the Carrara stone variety. 
The luxury home sold for $9,466,099.64 - the most expensive sale in New York City for the first week of March 2013. This sale price is significantly down from the original listing price of $24.5 million. The property was listed as $14.995 million when it sold for $9.46 million. Included in the sale of the house was a designated parking spot in a historic building at 60 Collister Street that was formerly a stable built in 1866. According to the news source, the property is now being referred to as the American Express Carriage House. 
The luxury property has a number of features that homeowners could enjoy. The 9,300-square foot property features a "quarry room" that contained a 45-foot heated saltwater swimming pool. The New York Times reports that the entire pool space is covered in Carrara marble and equipped with radiant floor heating
The quarry room is not the only space outfitted with radiant floor heating. According to the news source, this unique luxury home features the heating solution throughout the entire complex. Regardless of what space a homeowner or guest is using in the Manhattan property, he or she will be able to take comfort in a warm atmosphere that has been designed for indulgence. The utility technology allows an individual to set the temperature he or she wants and have it sustained throughout the day.