Radiant in Residential

Magnificent home gets an update with radiant floor heating

Tue, 07/16/2013 - 09:45

Sometimes curb appeal is enough to sell a home. Eva Mehl told The Journal News that before ever stepping foot into the historic colonial at 10 Sheldrake Lane, she had decided to purchase the property. The home, which is often referred to as the Four Chimney, is located on Sheldrake Lake in New Rochelle, New York. 
The waterfront property offers the perfect blend of privacy and accessibility. The news source reported that the seven-bedroom mansion has undergone two years worth of renovations to restore and modernize the indoor spaces inside the home. 
All of this was worth it to Eva Mehl, who purchased the property with her husband, because of its expansive views of the water.
"We only wanted a waterfront property," Eva Mehl told the news source. "The setting is very private and it's beautiful in every season. It's just magnificent and very serene. It's not as windy as on the Sound or a beach and not as raw in the winter months. In the winter, it feels like you're in Vermont; in spring, Colorado; in the fall, New England with all the changing colors; and in summer, New York." 
That desire for a waterfront property led the couple to select this home and joyfully take on the renovations required to make it the right space for them, reported The Journal News. One of the key additions to the home was a radiant floor heating system. The utility option allows the homeowners and guests to feel comfortable in the space at any time of day or during any season. The right heating system was crucial in this property because of the expansive windows, which without updates, can let energy escape.