Radiant in Residential

Luxury suite features modern amenities

Wed, 09/25/2013 - 08:37

A prewar duplex located at 125 Eat 72nd Street has just been purchased in New York City. The New York Times reported that this corner duplex ignited an uptown bidding war and sold for $12,315,000 - achieving the most expensive sale of the week status. Despite the bidding war, the sale price did not travel too high above the original asking price of $12 million. 
The property received such fanfare because of the key location and many modern amenities it contained. According to the news source, the 14-room apartment includes five bedrooms, four full-baths and an additional powder room. The reception and entertaining areas of the apartment are located on the lower floor so that the homeowners can achieve ultimate privacy. 
"[The apartment] has beautiful light and views and a special floor plan that makes it feel like a home and is ideal for a family. Also, it has been completely renovated and beautifully maintained over the years and was in immaculate condition," said real estate agent Joshua Wesoky.
Renovations included in the property are numerous, starting with a radiant floor heating system. The addition to the apartment boosts operational efficiency by reducing the amount of energy required to produce heat throughout the space. Instead of dealing with the numerous cons of a forced hot air system, homeowners are able to benefit from the consistent delivery of heat throughout the apartment. The comfort-inducing system allows for the greatest amount of operational efficiency on the market, without disturbing the classic, pre-war design of the home. Without any vents or baseboard heating units, the home is able to be decorated without taking into account the space both take up.