Radiant in Residential

Luxury modular homes populate the ocean-front ravaged by Hurricane Sandy

Tue, 08/20/2013 - 12:54

The perception of the dingy, small modular home populating a trailer park in a rural community has long been an image in many people's minds. However, this is all changing as property owners who own ocean-front land begin to bring those homes to beach communities. Modular home builders are saying that they are seeing an increase in business as homeowners who lost everything because of superstorm Sandy begin to rebuild, reported The Wall Street Journal. 
Prefab homes built on top of stilts for increased elevation provide homeowners in hurricane- or flood-prone areas added security knowing that a replacement home can be constructed faster than traditional structures. In addition, the labor-intense process of elevating a structure is significantly decreased as a significant percentage of the house is built off-site. According to the news source, well-designed manufactured homes are growing in popularity in New Jersey. 
These homes are hardly cheap looking and are outfitted with many quality features that a homeowner would look for in a traditional structure.
"This is not a trailer park home. This is a well-designed manufactured home. Side by side to a stick-built home, unless you knew, it'd be hard pressed to figure out which one was which," Arthur Lighthall, general manager of the community co-op in Queens. 
Many of these homes are outfitted with energy-efficient technologies that promote superior comfort. Radiant floor heating is a common addition in prefab homes because it offers all of the characteristics a homeowner would wish for, like added comfort, quality heat and decreased utility bills. In addition, prefab manufacturers like how the system can be included into the structure at the factory and shipped without too much hassle. It is an exceptional solution for homeowners and contractors alike.