Radiant in Residential

Luxury home features radiant heating

Mon, 11/26/2012 - 20:10

More luxury homes than ever are featuring energy-efficient technologies as affluent homebuyers seek to find properties that offer sustainable amenities without hindering comfort. The amount of energy that is used to power a property is becoming a hot topic of discussion. Even homeowners with oodles of cash are looking to cut down on power use because they want to improve the sustainability of their home and decrease the carbon footprint associated with the property.

For example, one luxury property in California listed at nearly $2.5 million is outfitted with a number of energy-efficient features.

Located at 3 Meadowood Drive in Larkspur, California, this property sits on a quarter acre of land and is less than one block from the bustling downtown area. The Larkspur-Corte Madera Patch reports that the home is listed for sale at $2,495,000. The house features four bedrooms and totals 3,341 square feet. Quality features included within the home are a laundry chute, radiant heating and energy-efficient appliances.

Radiant heating is an ideal warming solution because it allows property buyers to reduce monthly utility expenses, while still keeping a property at a comfortable temperature. Instead of heat escaping from vent loss or into unused space between the walls, the warm air is circulated from the floor up through conduction.

Built in 1997, this property has been listed for sale by its original owners. The exterior of the house is wood and the roof is comprised of composite shingle. All of these energy-efficient and sustainable options has improved the value of the property and could attract a new buyer looking for green qualities in his or her next home.