Radiant in Residential

Luxury home features green technology

Mon, 03/25/2013 - 19:25

A 4,400-square-foot home has just been listed as for sale and is gaining significant buyer attention. The Calgary Herald reports that the town of Airdrie's most expensive home is on the market and listed at $1.5 million. 
For that price range a homeowner will get a 74-foot wide lot and more than a few luxury amenities. According to the news source, the net-zero energy home produces as much power as it uses annually. Located at 133 Coopers Park, the property not only has 4,400-square-feet in living space, but an additional 2,450-square-feet in a renovated basement. 
In addition to all this space, the home is exceptionally energy efficient. The Calgary Herald reports that it will cost less than $600 a year to heat the property at current energy prices. The home has also been outfitted with radiant floor heating. The sustainable solution allows a property owner to feel like they are keeping the carbon footprint associated with the house at a minimum.
Radiant floor heating can run off less energy without negatively impacting the comfort a homeowner will feel in the space. The eco-friendly solution is ideal for a home that also features high R-value insulation that can reduce cold transfer and provide up to 60 percent in energy savings. The property also features triple-pane, argon gas windows and vinyl exterior windows that feature a low emissivity rate, which indicates that they will help limit heat loss. 
As more and more people consider green technology and materials positive characteristics, more properties will be built with eco-friendly solutions like radiant floor heating. The utility solution is becoming more commonly found in properties because property owners are realizing just how effective it is at keeping a home relaxing.