Radiant in Residential

Luxury home in Boston burb features radiant floor heating

Mon, 12/23/2013 - 10:27

In the northeastern city of Boston, the right combination of features can ensure that a home remains comfortable, even in the notoriously fickle New England climate. It's not unusual for the snow to fall one week - coating the entire city in a blanket of ice, sleet and powder - and for the weather to warm to somewhere in the 50s a few days later. Because of how quickly the weather can change in New England, it's crucial that a home include a flexible utility system. Otherwise, the temperature inside a house can quickly get stuffy and overheated or chilly as the weather outside fluctuates. 
The added temperature control of radiant floor heating
A radiant floor heating system offers a homeowner the ideal utility system flexibility. The increased control provided by the technology, when combined with a smart thermostat, allows a homeowner to adapt the temperature inside to counteract whatever is happening outside. Unlike more traditional technologies, like forced hot air, radiant floor heating is applied directly to a space, which means that the creation of heat and subsequent delivery is simultaneous. The heat can be reduced and the temperature difference in the structure can be felt almost immediately. Such control over the warmth level inside a home allows a property owner and his or her guests to feel relaxed and comfortable, regardless of what the weather is like outside. 
Radiant floor heating in luxury homes
Contractors, architects and interior designers who specialize in devising the masterpiece properties that line the streets of Boston's most exclusive neighborhoods know the power of radiant floor heating. The Boston Herald reported that the property at 324 Heath Street in Brookline, Mass., has been outfitted with radiant floor heating, along with many other impressive technologies and materials. The property was designed by Cambridge-based architect Peter Quinn, who made the house elegant without being overbearing thanks to farmhouse-style touches to the structure. 
The 6,000-square-foot structure sits on nearly an acre of land in the wealthy Chestnut Hill community in south Brookline. Each of the six bedrooms in the house has an en-suite bathroom, and many of them have a private porch as well. The expansive property has hand-stained oak floors, coffered ceilings, stone fireplaces and lots of windows to bring in natural light. The formal living room, formal dining room and open family room/kitchen areas allow for a wide variety of entertaining to happen in the home.
A radiant floor heating system allows this large property to remain at a comfortable temperature, regardless of what the weather is like outside or what part of the house people are using. The radiant floor heating system can be split into various zones so that rooms that are not being used as often or at all can stay at a lower temperature, which will reduce the cost of heating the structure. Already a sustainable option, radiant floor heating systems strategically use energy to provide the most warmth from the smallest amount of resources. The eco-friendly technology allows a homeowner to reduce utility bills without sacrificing comfort. 
The house at 324 Health Street is neighbors with some of the most well-known local celebrities, including New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft and quarterback Tom Brady. This demonstrates the allure of radiant floor heating and how it is becoming an integral part of luxury homes. The technology boosts comfort and relaxation, as well as increases the economic efficiency and sustainability of a property.