Radiant in Residential

Luxury home in Baltimore offers fantastic views and radiant floor heating

Thu, 03/28/2013 - 13:41

A Baltimore mansion is wowing prospective homeowners with its views and luxury features. CBS Baltimore reports that the waterfront home is behind a locked gate and is so large that the real estate company had to charter a helicopter flight for the photographer to take a photo of the estate.
According to the news source, the home has been outfitted with numerous smart technologies to improve homeowner's comfort and the overall efficiency of the property.
"This house has a very sophisticated Crestron system, which is wired through Ronco screens throughout," real estate agent Karen Bisbee told the news source.The property also features a central nervous system that raises all the blinds in the house when a person walks in the front door to provide someone the ultimate view.
"A very special view, 180 degree view," Bisbee said. "This house hangs over the Inner Harbor. A 75 foot sweep here, two houses combined, 75 feet of living space, wonderful kitchen with imported African hardwood."
Because of the massive amount of windows located around the house to allow for such exceptional views to be taken advantage of, a radiant floor heating system was installed. The utility options allows a homeowner to feel warm throughout the house regardless of what temperature it is outdoors. By using energy effectively and installing the right thermostat, a radiant floor heating system can provide the right level of temperature control to a homeowner.
In addition, the finishes located around the house, like the cabinets and floors, are all of top quality. 
"It's pretty special," Bisbee described. "These are all mahogany built in. The floors are all limestone. The floors are radiant heated as are all the floors. This is Mr. Merritt's closet."