Radiant in Residential

Luxury Dunbar home listed for sale boasts radiant floor heating system

Mon, 08/26/2013 - 07:28

A new Vancouver home in the sought-after community of Dunbar has been listed for sale. National Post reported that the luxury home is just blocks from Pacific Spirit Park in Westside. The region has some of the best schools within the city, is family oriented and is filled with large, grown leafy trees. Amidst all of this is the home that has many locals talking because of its many upgrades and modern amenities
According to the news source, the six-bedroom home was recently designed and built by Averra Properties. The firm specializes in creating unique spaces that provide homeowners with the ability to expertly control their environment. The house has been outfitted with the ability to view and control lighting levels and the color of the light, security cameras and multiple zones of radiant floor heating and air conditioning allows a homeowner to ensure his or her house is comfortable.
These controls are not just there to boost the comfort of a homeowner and his or her guests, they are also included to improve the energy efficiency of the home. A radiant floor heating system allows an individual to create various heating zones so that not every space in the structure is warmed to the same temperature. For homeowners who may not use whole sections of the house or know guests prefer a warmer or cooler space, this allows them to control how much heat is sent to a portion of the structure. 
This is both for comfort and energy efficiency. A homeowner can put the thermostat for the primary living spaces at 72° F, but the little-used areas can be set to 60° F. This decision will help a homeowner save considerably on his or her utility bills.