Radiant in Residential

Luxurious NYC residence features green technology, radiant heating system

Thu, 07/26/2012 - 15:36

The use of green technology is all the rage in the real estate sector, as developers and property owners are looking to include products like radiant heating systems and energy efficient lighting to help attract top customers and increase the value of their assets.
JustLuxe reported that one developer in New York City decided to outfit one of his properties with a number of energy efficient products in order to up the asking price.
According to the news outlet, one of these apartments, a five-story townhouse that contains five bedrooms, five-and-a-half baths, an elevator and an outdoor kitchen, has been built with energy efficient LED lighting, a radiant heating system and a stormwater runoff recycling system.
Although the developer noted that the energy efficient technology in the high-end apartments is a draw to customers who have an extended price range, these products are a long-term investment that any family would benefit from.
Because these products tend to cut the energy use of a residence by a drastic amount, due to the efficient nature of how electricity is used and directed to the fixtures, bills are sharply reduced and savings are realized in a matter of years.
While all radiant heating systems are more efficient than conventional heaters, certain products are able to achieve more savings due to the design of the paneling and tubing.
Warmboard radiant heating systems are made with highly conductive aluminum paneling that helps to distribute the warmth without requiring a high water temperature. This helps to limit heating costs, while also providing a family with a more comfortable atmosphere to live in.
A Warmboard radiant heating system can also be zoned, which helps save even more energy by only providing warmth to the areas of a home that require sufficient heat.