Radiant in Residential

Luxurious Massachusetts home to feature radiant floor heating

Tue, 07/26/2011 - 09:19

A new Sudbury, Massachusetts home that has entered the housing market is loaded with all of the latest technology and amenities, according to the Milford Daily News.

The new residence is situated on 2.43 acres and will come complete with a spacious lawn, a gazebo surrounded by a pond, new kitchen amenities and floors throughout the house that come with radiant heat, the news source reported.

"We’re excited about this property," Libby Hamill, a realtor for Prudential Stephan Realtors, told the Daily News. "This Sudbury home is just incredible, inside and out."

A media room in the basement of the house will be cooled with the latest type of air conditioning, and the radiant heating system extends into every room of the residence, as the exercise room and garage also feature this technology, according to the news source.

New homes in suburban areas feature radiant floors as a way to allow homeowners to avoid having to walk on cold surfaces during winter months. By installing this technology the owners of these residences can also maintain a uniform temperature throughout a room, instead of the up to 20 degree difference between the floor and the ceiling that can exist if a forced-air system is used.