Radiant in Residential

Lake Tahoe retreat features radiant floor heating

Mon, 06/24/2013 - 10:11

One residential destination on Lake Tahoe, Nevada, is wowing its homeowners and guests with quality features. The Times Free Press reported that the changes to the 1960s structure has turned it from outdated into a modern marvel. The vacation spot has been transformed into a contemporary glass house that fits in with the rocky countryside.
"It took 10 years to build and finish," said Jim Laney, who with wife, Peggy, owns The Design Co. on Lookout Mountain, told the news source. "I was with it from the initial purchase of the property through all the planning and implementation to completion." 
A number of interior design changes have been made to the property. According to the news source, before the renovation, the structure was cold and felt barren. Now, the living quarters have been expanded and floors have been added. The entire process took considerable time because of both the desire to get everything right and the restrictions on building imposed by the county.
"Lake Tahoe has a lot of restrictions as far as the regional planning authority -- everything has to be considered as to how it impacts the environment. They want everything to 'disappear,' nothing that will create attention," Jim Laney explains.
To reduce the environmental impact of the structure, the Laney's decided to install radiant floor heating. The energy-efficient utility option is able to reduce the carbon footprint of the property, but still allow the home to remain comfortable. The warmth radiating from the floor keeps the entire structure comfortable because of the even distribution of heat. No space is left cool because it is close to a window or far from a vent or radiator. Because heat radiates from every few feet in the floors, a relaxing temperature is felt every where.