Radiant in Residential

Jersey home wows with radiant floor heating

Mon, 09/30/2013 - 21:21

Potential homebuyers desiring a country estate that's not too far from a major metropolitan area may want to consider purchasing a 1712 Crown Charter Farm that has recently been listed as for sale. Central Jersey News reported that the historic property was built 20 years before the birth of George Washington. 
"It's paradise," homeowner Kathy Merzena told the news source. "It's a great retreat. When you come home at the end of the day, you breathe out and say 'ahh'."
The house sits on 7 acres of land at 104 Harbouton Woodsville Road in Hopeweel Township. According to the news source, the house is approximately 4,100 square feet in size and features many outbuildings that add to the character of the property. The house has been updated to provide modern homeowners the look and feel of an older house, but still attain the function of a modern property. High ceilings, plenty of windows and wood floors create a spectacular atmosphere in the house.
The property has been updated to include many different modern utility solutions to improve the function and operational efficiency of the house. According to the news source, one of the current homeowner's favorite features is a radiant floor heating system. This utility keeps every corner of the expansive home heated for comfort without driving up the monthly costs associated with maintaining the structure. 
A radiant floor heating system can be installed underneath a wide range of traditional flooring options for a house this age, which made it the ideal solution. Both the aesthetic value the system adds by hiding underneath the floors and the function make it the ideal solution for an older home renovation.