Radiant in Residential

A Jenga-block design could be the future of hotels

Mon, 04/28/2014 - 09:50

Installing the best heating system in your house, such as radiant heaters is a good way to make your carbon footprint smaller, especially in today's world where every dollar counts. When you're building your house, there are many steps you can take to create a sustainable living environment. However, what options are available for people on the road who need a place to stay? Thanks to the Hong Kong architecture firm OVA Studio, an eco-friendly solution to hotels may be making its way into travelers' lives, reported Fox News.

It's not a new idea to make a house out of storage containers. These metal units offer a recycled answer to housing needs and concerns while taking away from potential trash that would eventually pollute the environment. The idea OVA Studio has would work much like the game Jenga​, with interlocking blocks stretching up toward the sky, except a metal frame would prevent the structure from ever falling like in the game, reported Inhabitat. This "Hive-Inn" design would offer an adaptability that owners could take advantage of in terms of advertising and sponsorship. The "Hive-Inn" would use partners that develop their own storage container rooms, giving visitors the option to stay in suites decorated in some of their favorite themes. 

Currently, Ferrari and Alexander McQueen are two brand-themed ideas being considered, but many more can be expected. The containers can be swapped out and changed to give visitors a never-ending selection to choose from. After one theme has worn out its welcome, the shipping containers can be reused for additional housing or they can be sold to the highest bidder.

A project in Singapore is nearing completion using a similar idea to this, except more permanent, according to Inhabitat. Residential blocks are stacked in an environmentally conservative fashion that offers a unique addition to the landscape.