Radiant in Residential

Island living with radiant floor heating

Tue, 05/07/2013 - 20:18

A couple has built their dream home on Cordova Bay, Vancouver Island. The west coast property incorporates the use of many green design elements. The Vancouver Sun reports that Brenda and Bob de Roos spent 10 years constructing the house, which was made to highlight the natural elements surrounding the property. 
"We always wanted a home that would have a seamless transition to the outside," said Brenda de Roos, who built the home with the help of her husband and three children. "It has been a family affair and I've loved the process, appreciated every new step. It was wonderful watching all of us doing something so beautiful together and really honoring the property." 
The retired couple wanted to ensure that the home was built to last and evolve with their needs. The home features large, expansive windows that allow tons of natural light to pour into the living spaces, according to the news source. To boost the comfort felt inside the property, the family decided to install radiant floor heating throughout the home. The utility option allows the couple to carefully regulate energy use for heating and cooling without having to negatively impact the warmth they feel inside the house. When combined with high R-value windows, radiant floor heating is an exceptional utility option because it reduces the chance of heat loss, which can become costly. 
The temperature in each room is carefully controlled so that residents and guests can view the expansive forest surrounding the house and the eagles that call the property home, without feeling a negative chill radiating from the windows. 
"We had all these trees, you see, and in the trees lived all these eagles. So the idea was to create a home where we could live under the protection of the eagles."