Radiant in Residential

Island home features green heating solution

Wed, 12/04/2013 - 12:35

A beautiful home on Staten Island has recently been listed as for sale, and it is attracting a lot of attention from potential buyers and real estate professionals because of its unique features and ideal location. The Tottenville home has an unobstructed view of the water and was built with a traditional Colonial exterior, however, that's the only traditional feature of the house. 
Staten Island Live reported that the property was custom made to fit the needs of the desires of the seller. 
"The beauty of the house is, when you open up the door you look straight out to the water. Right through the whole foyer, great room, through everything, you see the water," said Joseph Amendolara, the home's owner, according to the news source.
Besides the exceptional view of the water, the house is also unique because of its non-traditional room shapes. 
"Every room is different. It's an eclectic home that is all round. There's really not a lot of squares in the house. All the windows are rounded; the interior has round elements, and there's a round floating element when you walk into the foyer separating the left and right sides of the house," said Amendolara.
 Each room in the 7,800-square-foot home features custom wood floors with radiant floor heating slowly dispensing warmth throughout the structure, according to the news source. The eco-friendly solution is able to provide exceptional comfort to a homeowner and his or her guests because, unlike more traditional solutions, the heat enters the room through conduction, instead of sporadically pushing hot air through vents, baseboard units or radiators. 
The new owner of this property will find that he or she will never again have to walk across a cold floor in the morning with a radiant floor heating system.