Radiant in Residential

Installations that can improve your home's temperature

Fri, 04/04/2014 - 12:53

Spring is the best time to finally splurge on those home renovations you've been dreaming about. Homeowners typically take advantage of the changing seasons by cleaning out old spaces, replacing carpets with hardwood floors and building outdoor patios. When you're pulling up the planks and redoing your residence, consider investing in improvements that will help optimize your home's temperature.
There are many ways by which you can make the temperature of your living space more comfortable. For example, installing large bay windows would be an ideal option for those living in areas that see a lot of direct sunlight. Homes that want to stay cooler, however, should consider investing in systems that will better insulate the area and keep guests comfortable. When purchasing the perfect installation to help regulate temperature in your home, consider the following options that not only provide benefits for the area's comfort level, but are energy efficient as well. 

Reflective roofs

Installing reflective roofs over your home could be the perfect solution for homeowners looking to keep their residences cool during the upcoming summer months. While homes are typically coated in heavy tiles or black tar, using reflective materials can dramatically alter overall feel of the building. Sourcable reported that these roofs not only make temperatures more comfortable, but they can reduce electric bills, maintenance expenses and overall energy consumption.

One way people can improve their roofs is by simply painting them white, as ultraviolet rays bounce off the surface as opposed to becoming stuck underneath. Black roofs tend to absorb sunlight, trapping heat rays in the area and causing people to sit in uncomfortable temperatures. White roofs have become increasingly common among larger corporate buildings, primarily because they are more cost effective and eco-friendly. The source noted that reflective roofs have become so popular, that buildings that wish to become LEED certified must now meet a cool-roof standard.

Radiant heat flooring 

Homeowners looking for a system in their homes that will help regulate temperature should look into installing radiant heat flooring, which can make a home warmer for a fraction of the cost of more conventional heating systems. This type of feature radiates heat from the floor, which allows air to move upward and stay stagnant, as opposed to systems that blow heat around and cause it to become trapped at the top of a home. When you're pulling your floors to install new walking spaces, consider installing radiant heat while you're at it.