Radiant in Residential

Indiana home to feature radiant heating

Fri, 07/29/2011 - 10:29

A three-bedroom home in Corydon, Indiana has been put on the market, as the 58-acre property is expected to go for $1.47 million, The New York Times reported.

The residence comes with a cabin that was moved to the premises from a nearby town to enhance the rural feeling of the house, located in Indiana's first capital city, according to the news source.

Located less than 40 minutes from Louisville, Kentucky, the former barn has been remodeled to feature the latest in home technology and modern amenities. The 3,876-square-foot house comes with a new kitchen complete with all of the latest appliances, reported The Times.

Other additions to the house are two new bedrooms, a refurbished den complete with high ceilings and large windows and radiant heating that was installed throughout the first several floors as a way to provide heat during the winter months, the news source reported.

Radiant heating systems can work with an older house that is set up to retain a rustic look, as the lack of radiators and heating vents can help contribute to the feeling that one is in a residence from an earlier period in time.