Radiant in Residential

Incorporating radiant heating into new architectural designs

Thu, 09/12/2013 - 15:40

The use of radiant heating in architecture isn't a new development in the industry, with Frank Lloyd Wright incorporating the technology in some of his homes during the 1960s. However, the systems that are currently used have progressed as much as the design for the new houses that they are installed in, adding value to modern abodes.According to Arch Daily, a new home in Missoula, Montana, is incorporating radiant floor heating into its design. This will both help the inhabitants withstand the cold winters in the region, and give them more room to decorate and apply the latest interior design trends. The Wren Residence, as the new home is aptly named, resembles a nest for a budding young, creative family. According to the news outlet, not only is the exterior of the house unique, it's interior possesses all of the modern amenities that anyone would ever want. Technology like radiant heating helps this home appeal to a wide range of potential buyers, along with solar arrays, a solar water heating system, LED custom lighting and high performance windows. This home, appropriately nestled between trees and below the surrounding hills of Missoula, gives a family unmatched views of the surrounding area. People can either enjoy the aesthetics from the comfort of their house, or go out onto its many decks and viewing areas to take in the unparalleled views.Within driving distance of ski mountains and the center of the city, the home allows future residents a chance to enjoy all of what Montana has to offer. Thanks to its use of the latest technology, the residence lets people soak it all in while remaining comfortable, a luxury that many would love given the rarity of such a unique abode.