Radiant in Residential

Horse ranch outfitted with radiant floor heating

Thu, 10/24/2013 - 09:42

Running a ranch, even one that is focused more on pleasure riding than working, takes considerable resources. As a result, many who want to purchase this type of property look to install energy-efficient solutions where ever possible to reduce the strain of paying monthly bills. 
Diana Wold loved her California ranch home, but decided that sustainability should be a priority in its renovation. The Tribune reported that the rustic appearance of the Merriewold Morgan horse ranch is deceiving and that the 300 acres of land is home to one of the most energy-efficient ranches in the area.
"A ranch, especially with horses, can be quite hard on the land," said Wold, according to the news source. "Knowing how fragile California native land is, we tried to figure out how to have the least amount of impact and still have horses."
Investing in green construction
Wold hired a team of experts to come in and create an eco-friendly and sustainable ranch, reported the news source. Seven separate structures sit on the land, including stables, a covered arena, two pole barns, a combination hay barn/shop/groom's quarters, a home for a horse trainer and caretaker and a house for Wold and her husband. 
To reduce the impact of the renovation on the land, Wold decided to build all of these structures on the 10 acres of land that had been previously disturbed and occupied by barns and fields.  
"That area was already disturbed and the crop area was very depleted," said Wold, according to the news source. "We decided to make our impact there so the rest of the property could remain more or less native and natural."
Green products available in abundance
Unlike the construction market of only 10 years ago, the number of green technologies and materials now available on the market for a homeowner to choose from has expanded. There are plenty of options for a person to pick from for everything from heating to roofing and all that is in between. 
The number of technologies and materials now available allowed Wold plenty of opportunity to select each piece of her ranch to her specifications. 
"There's so much to choose from now, it's almost as overwhelming as shopping for regular products," she said. "You name it, you can find it in a green version."
Energy-efficient options installed
Wold decided that a radiant floor heating system would be an ideal technology to install in the house because it provides exceptional comfort, without driving up the cost of warming a space. The Tribune reported that the solution is able to warm the contemporary styled house without interrupting the flow of the rooms with bulky heating units. 
In addition, the technology is able to run underneath a wide range of flooring materials, which makes it a versatile solution. The pipes of the radiant floor heating system run underneath the wood, tile and stone floors that are present throughout the house. Through the power of conduction warmth slowly transfers from the pipes to the room being heated. Because the heat is being directly applied to the lower half of the room, people in the space are able to feel even greater comfort and let the thermostat remain set at a lower temperature.
"We are just in love with the house, the property, the valley, the whole area," she told the news source. It's one of the most beautiful places we've ever been. We couldn't fathom doing anything that would leave a bad mark on the land."