Radiant in Residential

Homeowner designs property for comfort

Fri, 03/29/2013 - 07:44

Sometimes renovations can help make a property a home. An Arlington, Ohio, homeowner purchased a tiny property in 1994, and years later, after marrying her now husband, Lynn Gay-Roedel and Jeff Roedel had a decision to make. Would they stay in her small home or would they search for a new place together?
The couple decided to stay after learning that the house was only 2 miles from Jeff's workplace and recent community renovations were scheduled, The Columbus Monthly reports. So, soon a renovation process began to outfit the property with eco-friendly features and make it more convenient for the couple.
One of the first concerns was to improve heating efficiency in the house. The news source reports that Lynn is often cold and the old windows, lack of proper insulation and ineffective heating system was leaving her with a chill. So, a radiant floor heating system was installed in the house to improve her comfort level. The eco-friendly heating solution, when combined with proper insulation levels, can run off of less energy than traditional utility options like base board heating or radiators, and provide a more comfortable environment. In fact, some homeowners with radiant floor heating have claimed that they can set their thermostat at a lower temperature and the house will still feel warmer than when the thermostat was previously set at a higher temperature with a different system.
The Columbus Monthly reports that the couple has also invested in dark-shade curtains that decrease energy transfer and windows with a high R-value. These and other eco-friendly changes have made this home a more convenient and comfortable space to live in, according to the couple.