Radiant in Residential

Homebuyers in San Francisco seek properties with radiant floor heating

Sat, 09/21/2013 - 17:05

In the Telegraph Hill community of San Francisco, new homes are being built with improved features to meet the needs of tech professionals. The San Francisco Chronicle reported that tech professionals are looking for a unique combination of features, which is spurring on the development of new construction projects and community planning. Features like transportation, culture, access to amenities are all being sought after. While these characteristics are nothing new in terms of desirable qualities, what is new is the focus on simple designs for low-key homes.
During the 90s tech boom, many industry professionals sought large, high-end homes. According to the news source, this trend is on the decline and many are now focusing on purchasing properties that are built with clean lines, less space and energy-efficient technologies.
"There's definitely an uptick in young people with means who are modern-design-oriented in basically the last 10 years," said architect Cary Bernstein, who designed the renovation and expansion of Hill House, a 2,000-square-foot single-family residence in San Francisco's Glen Park district.  
Many of the popular features found in a modern property designed with tech professionals in mind include large windows, available access ports, hidden storage, streamline materials and energy-efficient technologies. Architects are designing structures with a dual purpose - to allow for easy tech integration that's hidden but accessible - and sustainability. Radiant floor heating is one system that fits both characteristics. The eco-friendly technology is hidden from view and creates a streamline appearance in the home, but is also energy efficient. Warmth is consistently delivered throughout the house at the ground level so that heat is concentrated in the spaces homeowners are using, before it rises to the high ceilings that are currently in style.