Radiant in Residential

Home renovations in U.S. and Canada feature radiant floor heating

Mon, 07/18/2011 - 08:53

Though the southern U.S. tends to be significantly warmer than the Canadian city of Toronto, in each of these areas, residents may benefit from the installation of radiant floor heating during a renovation or new construction.

A retired Texas couple recently sought to improve their home's efficiency and their personal comfort level by installing heated floors during a remodeling project, according to the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal.

Jim and Sherry Gill wanted to improve the quality of their house through the use of modern technology and amenities. Along with installing new tiles, cabinets and lighting, the Texas couple decided to experiment with heated floors, reported the news source.

"It’s wonderful. I feel like I have a 4-star hotel bathroom in my house. Every time I walk in, I can hardly believe that it’s mine," Sherry told the Journal.

North of the American border in Toronto, Canada, a new home will feature heated floors in an effort to keep the future owners warm during the long winter months, according to the National Post.

The home has installed the floors to keep with the "Uber-modern" theme and to maximize energy efficiency, the news source reported.