Radiant in Residential

Home energy efficiency programs in Texas spur inclusion of radiant floor heating

Thu, 07/11/2013 - 06:04

The temperatures keep on rising in Texas and for many homeowners that means prices are also skyrocketing. The Star-Telegram reported that because of this, Oncor, the utility provider for main power lines in north Texas, has just created a new cash incentive program for residential property owners. 
The Home Energy Efficiency program, which started in March 2013 with $10.5 million, has just added $2.6 million to the plan. According to the news source, the money will be used as an incentive to help homeowners make energy-efficient upgrades to their properties. Usually the fund has run out by now, but the addition will extend the program. 
"We're hoping the new funding will go through the summer months," said Jeamy Molina, spokeswoman for the North Texas electricity wholesaler, according to the news source. "It depends on how quickly our customers get on the site and register with a contractor." 
Some of the energy-efficient upgrades the programs is expected to help homeowners achieve this year include new windows, greater insulation, solar screens on windows and radiant floor heating. Despite the considerable heat the state is known for, often homeowners can experience prevalent chills and strong winds during the cooler months.
A radiant floor heating system will allow a homeowner to save considerable money in the winter. Because the utility option uses less natural gas or oil than traditional systems. The energy that is consumed with a more common utility option is greater than that needed to power a radiant floor heating system. In addition, radiant floor heating experiences less warmth loss from poor insulation levels and inefficient practices, which allows a homeowner to forgo paying to "heat the outdoors."