Radiant in Residential

Home combines antique charm with modern conveniences, amenities

Tue, 09/11/2012 - 15:04

The use of newer products against the backdrop of antique and retro designs helps to add value to a residence, as homeowners and realtors both know that these houses represent the best of both worlds.
According to the National Post, one home located near the border of the U.S. and Canada has combined the use of modern technology like radiant heating with a refurbished combination great room and kitchen.
These two rooms, when combined, represent an older design for home, and the swinging doors that are used throughout the residence give the occupants and guests a feeling of being in an older home with modern conveniences.
According to the news outlet, the main-floor library - designed in a manner that resembles an older house from the Victorian era - has panelled walls, a beamed ceiling and a built-in bookcase, giving residents a feeling that they are entering into the study quarters of a traditional residence.
The listing agent for the residence noted that unloading this home will not be difficult, as few houses are able to combine old and new products and designs into the same property.
A "classic Lawrence Park heritage home transformed into a modern masterpiece combines old-world charm with the highest level of contemporary features and finishes," listing agent Robert Greenberg told the news outlet.
This is where products like a radiant heating system come in handy for realtors and homeowners, as this type of addition to a home can provide the feel of modern comfort while remaining hidden from view.
Radiant heating systems are often hidden from view, under the floor, not allowing people to see the product but also providing modern convenience and comfort.