Radiant in Residential

Hollywood Hills "escape" home features radiant heating

Thu, 10/27/2011 - 09:13

Jill Greenberg is known for her varied styles of photography and unique sense of fashion, but the Hollywood, California resident may soon gain notoriety for her new home, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Designer Beth Holden helped Greenberg with the specifications of her house, but the photographer had the final say on which technology would be installed in the residence, including a radiant heating system, the newspaper reported.

This technology works well with houses that are designed in an artistic manner, due to the fact that unsightly radiators and air ducts are not required to run the system.

Greenberg had originally envisioned a smaller and more manageable home, but her excitement with the project led to its expansion.

"We thought we could build a master bedroom on top of the one-story ranch," Greenberg told the Times. "Then we said, 'If we're already building up, let's double the size of the footprint with an entire second story.' And from there, we said, 'Since we're doing that, why don't we change the exterior?'"