Radiant in Residential

Historic New York City penthouse to be remodeled

Tue, 08/30/2011 - 09:15

The penthouse that is located at 37 Riverside Drive in Manhattan, New York, is the subject of a possible renovation project that would reinvigorate the residence, helping to increase the value of the home, The New York Times reported.

After Robert and Champa Weinreb purchased the historic penthouse - it was the home of Robert A. Durst and his wife, Kathleen, subjects of a famous a disappearance scandal - they looked to make additions to the property, according to the news source.

The couple wants to make additions that would add value to the home, as they have sought the approval of the building board to get the go-ahead on several renovations. Robert Weinred is hoping that they will be allowed to enclose parts of the terrace, adjust the ceilings on the top level of the residence and add a radiant heating system to provide a more comfortable source of heat, reported the Times.

Radiant heating systems can provide couples with a comfort that is not available in traditional forced air systems, as the heat radiates from the floor throughout the residence, making winter months more pleasant because of the warm floors that residents are privy to with this technology.