Radiant in Residential

Heating systems and architects: Warmboard helps to bridge the gap

Thu, 08/02/2012 - 15:55

The construction of new homes is not something that the average person has extensive knowledge about, and the architects that perform this task are extensively educated and prepared for the work that lies ahead.
Choosing specific products to include in a home is often a collaborative approach, but architects often put forth their best recommendation as to what a homeowner can do to add value to their residence.
This is why Warmboard has developed its communication with architects around the country, as the radiant heating system maker has a specific and targeted implementation system that helps these individuals move forward with projects in the most efficient manner possible.
Warmboard offers these individuals a chance to examine the product that they will be installing in the home, and it helps architects figure out the various benefits of the system so that they can communicate with the homeowner in an educated manner.
"If structural plans are not yet complete, the Regional Manager will consult with the structural engineer to optimize the floor framing plan to most efficiently integrate Warmboard. In most cases, Warmboard integrates seamlessly with conventional structural design and framing practices. Once completed, preliminary plans are sent to us, preferably in an AutoCAD format," the company said about its product.
The RM for the company will help the architect in regards to the zoning preferences, floor covering selections and will provide other data that is necessary for the homeowner to maximize the efficiency of the product.
Designs will be offered by a team from Warmboard, and they will help with the preliminary markup of a residence in order to move the project along in a quick and efficient manner.