Radiant in Residential

Glen Park Victorian gets updated with radiant floor heating

Tue, 08/27/2013 - 07:33

Not every Victorian gets a new lease on life with modern updates, but one in the coveted neighborhood of Glen Park in San Francisco is gleaming under new light emitting diodes. The San Francisco Chronicle reported that a Victorian at 360 Arlington Street is wowing potential homebuyers with its many energy-efficiency features. The three-bedroom, 3.5-bathroom house has a two-car garage and one-car parking pad - unheard of luxuries in the middle of the city. Priced at $2.495 million, the home has been outfitted with numerous high-quality features and energy-efficient technologies. 
The home has been modified to allow natural light to flow into living spaces and make rooms seem larger. Skylights have also been added to the top level of the home and LED bulbs. According to the news source, these additions were made in effort to reduce the electricity needed to illuminate the home.
To reduce heating costs associated with the Victorian, a style of home that generally led to in-efficiencies due to age and older materials, a radiant floor heating system has been installed and improved insulation. The combination of these two technologies will allow for greater comfort in the home because of the consistent delivery of warmth and decreased heat loss. Areas around the windows, for example, will not have the traditional chill that many of us have come to expect from older homes. 
Every room in the house have been outfitted with this sustainable solution. A radiant floor heating system will also provide an interior designer and homeowner more room to use in a house because precious square footage is not taken away due to baseboard units, radiators or vents. This technology is the ideal solution for any renovation.