Radiant in Residential

Full-floor master suite outfitted with radiant floor heating

Thu, 08/22/2013 - 19:01

Along with the kitchen, when homebuyers are looking at a house they often take care examining the master suite. This area of the home should promote rest and relaxation. For many homeowners, the master suite acts like an escape from the outside world and the responsibilities. A colonial home in Merrick, New York, offers potential homebuyers this exact experience. Newsday reported that the master suite encompasses the entire top floor of the home or 700-square feet of space. 
The master suite was outfitted with a number of features that are intended to promote rest and relaxation for any homeowner. According to the news source, the space has vaulted ceilings and large windows to make it appear airy and even larger. Additional luxury features include a fireplace, built-in speakers and surround sound and hers and him walk-in closets - both with dressing areas. 
No master suite is complete without an exceptional master bathroom. According to the news source, the sprawling space features a large soaking tub, an antique vanity... with dual sinks, towel warmers and marble floors with radiant floor heating. The consistent delivery of heat to the space makes it a comfortable place to relax in every morning. A homeowner won't have to step onto cold marble floors every morning as he or she gets ready for the day. Instead, the individual will be met with toasty floors that feel luxurious against bare feet.  
The home, which is currently listed for sale, is attracting considerable attention because of the master suite and radiant floor heating system. 
"It is unbelievable up there," said Seth Levy of Shawn Elliott Luxury Homes & Estates, who is listing the property for $979,000.