Radiant in Residential

Friends build modern, sustainable home with radiant floor heating

Fri, 09/20/2013 - 17:00

Often, the tale of pursuing sustainability comes from the perspective of residential or commercial property owners. However, one pair of friends are demonstrating that fellows can also work together to accomplish the dream of building eco-friendly homes. The Globe and Mail reported that Craig Race and Alex Sharpe are dreaming about building sustainable structures across the Toronto landscape. 
"We'd dream about building big things," said Race, now an intern architect at Sustainable, TO., according to the news source."Our entire friendship is based on a mutual admiration for Toronto's buildings and a desire to contribute to the city." 
The pair went to work on renovating a lanelay home that was an illegal one-story apartment into a fully legal, classical proportioned two-story property. According to the news source, this change incorporated the skills of both men, who work in the real estate business. With hard work, Race and Sharpe were able to transform the outdated structure into a masterpiece of architectural taste and design. By using the latest in modern technology and architectural design, the pair were able to create a beautiful home.
The house was designed with an industrial vibe that made sure to incorporate the landscape of lanelay. To improve the energy efficiency of the property, plenty of windows and skylights were used so that natural light could flow throughout the house. A radiant floor heating system provides comfort and warmth throughout the structure. The technology is much more energy efficient than traditional systems because the delivery of warmth decreases the chance of heat loss from occurring. Instead, warmth is concentrated and delivered to the living areas directly with the power of conduction. By including the right combination of systems, any homeowner is able to achieve greater operational efficiency and reduce utility bills.